Environmentally Friendly Products

Tips for environmentally friendly living

With increasing numbers of people looking to do their part to reduce waste and live a greener lifestyle, the market for environmentally friendly products has exploded. Items that support environmentally friendly living encompass an enormous range of products, including everything from biodegradable and recyclable goods to products and furnishings made from sustainable raw materials.

Eco-friendly living certainly helps the environment, but it also has the potential to save you money. Many eco-friendly products are reusable, or can be repurposed to fill other needs. Others are uniquely designed to use less in the way of resources, which can cut down on your water and power consumption, thus reducing your bills.

Types of Products for Green Living

Building an eco-friendly home means using more sustainable products whenever possible; this includes both everyday household items as well as big-ticket items like furniture and plumbing fixtures. It's helpful to think of environmentally friendly products in terms of categories, defined by the way in which they benefit both you and Mother Nature. Broad categories include:

  • Resuable products. This family of products includes items such as reusable bags for things like groceries as well as smarter environmental choices such as rechargeable batteries.
  • Biodegradable products. A product that breaks down into naturally occurring elements that can be reabsorbed by the planet is considered biodegradable. Look for certification on the product label from a trustworthy environmental protection agency rather than unsubstantiated claims.
  • Recycled products. Look for products that are made in whole or in part from recycled raw materials; recycled paper, plastic and glass products are among the most common examples.
  • Conservational products. Plumbing fixtures such as low flow toilets and showerheads are examples of products that assist in conservation, as are dimmer switches, LED and fluorescent light bulbs and anything else that helps you cut down on household energy or water usage.
  • Sustainable products. Choosing products made from sustainable, recycled or repurposed raw materials has a lasting and far-reaching positive impact. You can also take this a step further by ensuring that you buy from companies that do not use unfair labor practices to save money.

Incorporating these items into your lifestyle whenever possible doesn't require any sacrifices and can only benefit both you and the environment. Both you and the planet have everything to gain and nothing to lose by choosing eco-friendly products.

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