Eco Friendly Cars

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These days, most would agree that buying, maintaining and fueling a car makes driving a chore. The conventional car has become the target of disdain as gas prices continue to rise, roads become increasingly congested and more people begin to adopt a green lifestyle. However, the auto industry is leading the way to a better, more sustainable future with the introduction of eco-friendly cars; machines that rely less on oil and more on innovative design will not only offer peace of mind, but may also perform better and longer than conventional cars. Learn about green cars, how they run and why they are the better choice.

Environmentally Friendly Cars

The hybrid and electric cars are two new designs widely considered to be eco-friendly alternatives to the familiar gas guzzlers. The electric car is actually quite an old idea, dating back to the birth of the automobile. Today's electric cars, which run on a set of rechargeable batteries that connect to an electric motor, are nearly silent and absolutely emission-free, making them a great green choice. The main drawback to this type of vehicle is the battery life—current models suit shorter commuter trips better than long journeys.

The other eco-friendly style is the hybrid car, which attempts to combine the best features of the electric car with the advantages of a conventional car. Hybrid cars work with a duel fuel system, incorporating a set of batteries to back up the smaller fuel tank and engine. The result is a more efficient engine, less emissions and the ability to travel for a long distance without having to refuel or recharge.

New Eco-Friendly Cars

Most eco-friendly cars on the market have met with mixed reviews, though their environmental advantages generally tip the scales in their favor. While personal preference will determine the ideal car for you, there are a few models that continue to gain popularity, such as the Toyota Prius hybrid. Affordable, reliable and responsive, the Prius has carved a place for itself in the hybrid car industry. Other top eco-friendly cars include the Honda Civic hybrid and the much-anticipated Nissan LEAF electric car that's due to come out at the end of the year. The new eco-friendly cars boast more aerodynamic designs, improved batteries and advanced IT systems to keep passengers comfortable and informed.

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