Hybrid Cars

The best new hybrid cars

One of the hottest eco-friendly trends is the hybrid car, a vehicle that moves like any other car but without the plumes of toxic emissions or the extreme fuel expense that can likewise leave you gasping for air. For many people, the hybrid is ultimately a more economical way to maintain their lifestyle, as well as a vote for a more environmentally sound society. While most major car companies have either developed a hybrid model or are in the process of doing so, there are some leaders in the field that can make your driving experience as eco-friendly as it is comfortable.

Hybrid Car Technology

The technology behind hybrid cars is similar to a locomotive or even a moped—a hybrid runs on two sources of power, normally gas and electricity, which share the task of moving the vehicle. The intended result is a car that can drive a long distance and doesn't pump out excessive toxins into the air, which are the best qualities of gas-powered cars and electric cars, respectively. Different types of hybrids exist, but every model aims for a more efficient engine that can rely on a sufficient electric fuel source as a backup.

Not only is a hybrid's engine more efficient than a larger conventional engine, but a hybrid car can actually store the energy that a conventional car wastes at every red light. When you step on the brake pedal in your gas-powered car, you remove kinetic energy and dispel it as heat; when you brake in a hybrid, the car can capture and store some of this energy to use later. Add to this the aerodynamic design, low-resistance tires and lightweight structure, and you have an impressively efficient vehicle.

New Hybrid Cars and Hybrid Car Sales

Hybrid cars are only gaining strength, becoming more refined with each passing year. The prices have begun to fall, and exciting technologies like using ultracapacitors to extend mileage are raising the bar for future models and driving sales up. As gas prices continue their steady climb, the larger upfront cost of the hybrid seems much more reasonable when you look at the big economic picture.

So, what are the best hybrid cars? The two that get the best press these days are the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, but the ideal hybrid for you will meet your standards of comfort, style, performance and reliability. Many car companies have introduced enticing new models that may fit your criteria perfectly. Consult a list of hybrid cars with your expectations in mind, and compare closely—you'll want a car that not only performs better, but one that will last.

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