Natural Laundry Detergent

All-natural laundry detergent uses safer ingredients

What goes into regular laundry detergent? Potentially toxic and allergenic chemicals like phenol, ammonia, phosphorus, naphthalene and other unpronounceable compounds. Moreover, many brands don't list their ingredients at all, leaving you to guess as to exactly what mysterious chemical formulations may be lurking beneath the box seal or bottle cap. If you want a safe, hypoallergenic alternative, it may be time to try a natural laundry detergent.

All-natural laundry detergents have the cleaning power to tackle both water-soluble and non-water-soluble stains, except that they are made with organic, nontoxic ingredients. They won't leave any potentially harmful residues behind on your clothing, towels and sheets.

Ingredients in Natural Laundry Soap

Instead of caustic, harsh chemicals, natural laundry soaps use much safer ingredients like vegetable-based natural soaps, washing soda, borax and essential oils with a touch of fragrance. The best natural laundry detergents deliver every bit as much stain-fighting power in a far safer product. Look for brands that are concentrated, yet use natural ingredients which are hypoallergenic as well as nontoxic and biodegradable.

Choosing natural or organic laundry detergent has an environmental impact that goes beyond reduced toxicity in your community's sewage system. The production practices used to make these cleansers are far more sustainable, tapping into far fewer resources and requiring much less energy. This is also true of organic beauty products, sustainable furniture and many other eco-conscious products. Becoming a greener consumer can truly have a far-reaching positive effect.

Other Natural Laundry Products

Some other basics of greener laundry practices include adding baking soda at the beginning of your wash cycle. It will give your natural laundry detergent an added boost and brightens both whites as well as colors. Instead of fabric softener, substitute half a cup of vinegar instead. The vinegar will remove any detergent residue clinging to your clothes without leaving any scent behind.

One newer arrival in the world of green laundry products are so-called dryer balls, which will help separate your clothes and keep them fluffier. They are free of chemicals and fragrances, and they also reduce drying time, helping you take a bite out of your home energy costs.

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