Sustainable Furniture

Your choices in sustainable wood furniture

You've got a lot to consider when you're shopping for indoor and outdoor wood furniture. Different wood types, furniture designs, wood grains, stains and finishes all compete to catch your eye. Historically, where the wood itself actually came from is a question that gets lost in the mix, but producers of sustainable furniture are trying to change that.

Sustainable furniture manufacturers source their lumber from foresters who conduct their business more responsibly. These foresters aim to minimize the impact of logging activities on local ecosystems while preventing deforestation through planned planting initiatives.

How to Find Green Furniture

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is North America's leading organization devoted to the maintenance of woodlands and the minimization of the logging industry's impact. One easy way to recognize sustainable wood furniture is to check to see if it is certified by the FSC, as the organization only lends its name to products built with sustainable lumber. A wide range of sustainable living room furniture, sustainable bedroom furniture and green furniture for your patio or yard is available from FSC-certified manufacturers.

However, sustainable wood furniture is but one of several different options you have if you want to adopt a more eco-conscious approach to your home decorating. You can also purchase wooden furniture made from recycled or repurposed raw materials. These raw materials include wood, glass, plastic and various metals. In fact, recycled and repurposed wooden furniture appeals to many people for reasons that extend beyond its ecological conscience. Many of these products have a very interesting look, made possible by the disparate sources from which the wood they're made from is drawn. They can be used to create rustic interiors with a spontaneous feel that is absolutely unique.

In addition to green wooden furniture, you can also get metal furniture (primarily for outdoor use) that is made using sustainable practices. These include raw materials sourced through fair trade practices and pieces that are hand-crafted.

You may find that sustainable furniture costs significantly more than its regular counterparts, but given the beauty and far-reaching environmental benefits of these pieces, it's an investment that more and more people are making.

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