Recycling Containers

Purchase recycling bins for your home or workplace

Almost all municipalities now run recycling programs, collecting recyclable materials along with waste destined for the landfill and dropping it off for processing at local depots. As part of most programs, cities have standardized recycling containers which you must use in order for your recyclables to be collected at the curb; most of these home recycling containers are local variations on the iconic blue box.

However, if you have to manage a larger volume of recyclables, you may need additional containers. Industrial and office recycling bins are available to help you sort and separate your various recyclables to facilitate easy pickup or drop-off.

Types of Recycling Bins

In terms of styles, you can get everything from simple, functional, color-coded bins for different materials to multi-level bins and designer bins that look more like a part of the décor than a recycling container.

Office recycling bins and recycling containers intended for industrial purposes are often designated to hold a specific type of material. For example, many systems designate separate glass and paper recycling containers, though you should be careful to check with your municipality to make sure you are sorting your recyclables correctly. In some places, you can group like materials, such as cardboard and paper or glass bottles and plastic bottles, in a single recycling bin. Other municipalities require more rigid separation of recyclable materials. Also, keep in mind that many municipalities have separate regulations for residential and industrial or commercial recycling. You shouldn't assume the same guidelines carry over from one to the other.

If you have any questions about your city's recycling guidelines, make sure to get them answered before you put your recyclables out for collection. The environmental benefits of recycling only work when everyone buys into the same program.

Responsible Use of Recycling Bins

It's important for everyone to do their part to make the recycling process easier. It becomes more difficult and more expensive to make recycled paper, for example, if a bin is contaminated with non-recyclable materials, or contains glass or plastic that must be sorted out before the paper can be processed.

Make sure that you put recyclables in their designated containers at all times. When you're recycling glass or plastic bottles, make sure they're rinsed out and clean before they go in the bin. This prevents contamination, not only of the recyclable material, but also of the bin itself.

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