Reusable Products

Reduce waste with reusable products

One of the easiest things you can do to help the environment is to use reusable products whenever possible. Not only do reusable products ease the burden on your municipality's waste management system, they also conserve the resources used to make many common household, industrial and office products.

While reusable bags are one of the most common examples of these products, there are countless other opportunities for you to do Mother Earth a favor. At home and at work, there many different ways you can integrate reusable products into your regular routine.

Reusable Products for Your Home

Reusable containers are excellent storage solutions, and include everything from food containers and storage bins to cardboard or wooden boxes and metal cans. Before you throw anything away, try to think of something you can reuse it for. For example, empty yogurt cups or film canisters are great for storing seeds if you're interested in gardening, appliance cartons are large and sturdy enough to be repurposed for storage, and old soup cans can double as pencil holders.

Given the explosion in the popularity of bottled water, environmentalists are raising concerns over waste. You may have heard that you shouldn't reuse plastic water bottles too many times, since this can cause the plastic to break down and release potentially harmful chemicals into the liquid. However, you can purchase specially designed reusable water bottles and stainless steel water bottles that can be safely refilled over and over again.

Rechargeable batteries generate far less waste than their disposable counterparts, and are available in a full range of gauges. If you have young children, reusable diapers can save your local landfill a great deal of strain and stress. Instead of choosing disposable diapers, use cloth diapers which can be laundered in your washing machine. You can also reduce the waste created by your automobile by choosing reusable air filters, which can be washed out and reinstalled rather than thrown out and replaced.

Reusable Products for the Office

In addition to bins and boxes for your storeroom, you can also get recycled and repurposed office supplies including erasable printer paper and reusable copier and printer ink cartridges. By reusing items whenever possible and participating in recycling programs, you can not only reduce waste, but you can also lower supply costs and save your company some money.

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