Reusable Bags

The benefits of reusable shopping bags

Plastic bags take a toll on the environment. Whenever you go out shopping and lug your purchases home in plastic bags, you miss an opportunity to do the environment a favor by reducing waste. Reusable bags go a long way toward relieving overfilled city dumps and landfill sites.

Eco-friendly reusable bags come in a full range of sizes, prints and patterns, and can be crafted from numerous materials and fabrics. Sturdy and stylish, reusable bags can even be fashion accessories if you want to show off your ecological conscience when you're out and about. Some big-name designers are now offering reusable tote bags and handbags made from sustainable or recycled materials as part of their fashion collections.

Types of Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable grocery bags and shopping bags are often available for purchase in stores at the point of sale. With more and more grocery stores requiring customers to pay for their plastic bags, these make financial as well as ecological sense.

Because they are intended for multiple uses, reusable shopping bags are usually made from a very durable but inexpensive fabric or material. Thick plastic is one option, but many consumers prefer the look and feel of cloth shopping bags. Cotton and canvas reusable bags are very common, but you can also get reusable bags made from synthetic fabrics or 100 percent recycled materials.

How Reusable Shopping Bags Help the Environment

Some estimates suggest that purchasing a single set of reusable shopping bags and using them every time you go shopping could eliminate the disposal of as many as 20,000 disposable plastic bags. If you get quality cloth shopping bags, you'll be able to reuse them for years to come.

Making plastic shopping bags requires the burning of fossil fuels, the cutting down of trees and, in some cases, the use of unfair labor practices. Reusable bags save both flora and fauna, and help cut down on the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases.

Remember, you have a choice. Even if plastic shopping bags are still offered free of charge where you live, that doesn't mean you can't decline to use them. Get on the reusable bag bandwagon and do your part to help save the planet.

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