Low Flow Showerheads

Save water with restricted flow showerheads

Hot water is a major contributor to your home's energy bills. In some households, hot water accounts for 25 percent of all energy usage. Given that the majority of your hot water is used for showers, low flow showerheads are an investment that could pay dividends in the years to come. If your household currently uses high flow showerheads, you could save up to $100 a year or more on your energy expenses.

Restricted flow showerheads are specially designed to use about half as much water while delivering all of the satisfying pressure you enjoy and expect from a shower. They are easy to install, and in many cases, all you need to do is bring your existing showerhead to your local hardware store or home improvement retailer, purchase and attach the correct filter attachment, then reinstall the showerhead and use it as usual.

Pairing restricted flow showerheads with energy efficient water heaters will maximize your cost savings.

Features of Low Flow Showerheads

Typically, low flow showerheads have multiple settings that allow you to adjust the flow of the water as well as the water pressure. You can also get restricted flow showerheads with water massage features and varying spray patterns.

Models that have shut-off valves allow you to save even more water. A shut-off valve allows you to suspend the flow of water while you lather up or shampoo your hair, and when you're ready to rinse off, simply flick the valve back into the flow position and the water flow will automatically resume, at the same temperature it was when you shut it off.

If you're concerned about impurities in your shower water, filter showerheads are a solution worth considering. These attachments are designed to trap chlorine and other chemicals in your water, eliminating them from your shower and preventing their inhalation or absorption in your skin.

Find the Best Low Flow Showerheads

Many companies manufacture quality low flow showerheads, however, consulting low flow showerhead reviews is a helpful way to narrow down your list of options. Seeing what consumers like you have to say about particular brands and models can cut down your shopping time considerably.

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