Green Building

Harness the sustainable power of green home building

The green building movement is gaining more and more momentum as environmentally conscious homeowners aim to make their houses more ecologically sustainable and energy-efficient. Strongly rooted in energy-efficient home design, green home building also aims to reduce waste, make use of sustainable materials and optimize the quality of the indoor environment.

While a sustainable construction plan is ideally implemented when you're building a new home, you can also convert your existing house into a more energy-wise and ecologically efficient space by renovating. The first step is to learn about the major concepts in sustainable building and understand how they can be applied to your home.

Energy Efficient House Plans

When it comes to new homes, sustainable building concepts focus on reducing waste, maximizing resources and consuming less energy. For example, sustainable construction may include plumbing installations that recycle rain and waste water, energy efficient HVAC systems that draw power from on-site generators, and intelligent lighting layouts that reduce your expenditure of electricity.

Green architecture also emphasizes the use of sustainable construction materials. Metal roofing, sustainable lumber and many other ecologically friendly raw materials are incorporated whenever possible.

Green Home Building Tips for Renovators

You can also draw on green home building practices when you're performing renovations to lower your energy bills and lighten your carbon footprint. The simplest measures you can take include using energy efficient appliances and installing energy efficient windows. Appliances and windows are among the worst culprits in terms of home energy inefficiency, and making smarter choices when replacing old installations is better both for you and the environment. Improving your home's insulation is also something many ecologists highly recommend.

Selecting sustainable materials for your interior decorating needs also has many advantages. For example, both cork and bamboo flooring have a reduced environmental impact.

While the costs of green home building and renovating can be higher than their traditional counterparts, you should look at your efforts as an investment in your future. Not only do green building strategies help you save thousands of dollars on your energy bills, they can also dramatically increase the value of your home, making it more attractive on the resale market to like-minded people seeking a more ecologically responsible way to live.

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