Energy Efficient Washing Machines

How energy-saving washing machines work

Given the amount of electricity it takes to wash a load of laundry, replacing older units with energy efficient washing machines can save you a lot of money in the long run. Start by looking for Energy Star washing machines. These models meet strict government standards for energy efficiency, and can only qualify for the Energy Star rating if they use at least 10 percent less power per cycle than federal guidelines allow.

However, Energy Star qualification doesn't tell the whole story. Energy saving washing machines are also outfitted with a yellow Energy Guide sticker which gives a comprehensive analysis of the model's efficiency ratings. This sticker provides a range detailing the number of kilowatt hours similar models consume per year and indicates how the product measures up to comparable units. It also provides an estimate of how much it will cost you per year to run the machine. Energy Guide stickers are found on washing machines as well as energy efficient dishwashers, energy efficient refrigerators and other major appliances.

Additional Considerations for Energy Efficient Washing Machines

The Energy Guide sticker is very useful, but there are other factors you need to consider when choosing a power-saving washing machine. You also need to consider the appliance's design if you want a unit with maximal efficiency.

Generally speaking, top-loading washing machines have a lower initial cost, but don't run as efficiently because their capacities are smaller than front-load washing machines. The most water efficient washing machines are usually front-loading models; their cavernous chambers hold more clothes and have less room for water. They also assist dryer efficiency, because their spin cycles tend to run more quickly and remove greater amounts of water from the machine; this means you use less time and less electricity to dry your clothes. Pairing these front-load washing machines cycles with energy efficient dryers is an excellent money-saving strategy for the long run.

Finally, consider the advantages of washing machines with automatic sensors that detect load sizes. They will automatically adjust the amount of water introduced to the basin during a wash cycle to ensure no resources are wasted.

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