Choose energy efficient thermal insulation

Reducing the amount of power you need to heat or cool your home is only one part of the energy efficiency equation; you've also got to minimize the amount of heat that escapes during the winter and limit the ability of hot summertime air to penetrate your nicely cooled house. Quality insulation is the key.

Home insulation tends to be most effective in terms of cost savings in climates that have a wide range of annual average temperatures; in other words, you'll see the most savings if you live somewhere with cold winters and hot summers as opposed to a climate with a smaller difference between average winter and summer temperatures.

Signs of Home Insulation Problems

There are seasonal indicators of insulation problems which you'll notice during times of year when your home needs to be warmed or cooled frequently. In winter, if your heating costs are higher than normal, your walls and floors are unusually cold and you notice unevenness in the temperatures in various rooms, your insulation may be inefficient. During the summer, you may find hot air lingering inside the house despite efforts to cool it, unusually high electricity bills (from having to overrun your air conditioner) and mold growing in your home's basement.

You will experience the most dramatic improvement if you address these problems as soon as they arise, and keep in mind that combining quality home insulation with energy efficient air conditioners and heaters is the best way to optimize your energy savings.

House Insulation Options

Thermal insulation is specially designed to trap heat inside your house, and it makes the best option if you live in a region which experiences long, cold winters. In terms of insulation materials, foam insulation and fiberglass insulation are among the most common, but you can also get environmentally friendly insulators which are stuffed with recycled paper, plastics and natural oils.

With any home insulation project, the installation will account for the majority of your costs. While proper installation is vital to the performance of your house insulation, this is a fairly easy home improvement for you to try on your own.

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