Green Building Materials

An overview of green building products

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits offered by green building materials. In addition to dramatically increased energy efficiency, green building products also reduce maintenance and replacement costs by offering a longer life, have increased flexibility in terms of design and implementation, and can improve indoor air quality and promote better health for the building's occupants.

Using green building products and recycled building materials has a trickle-down effect with a positive global impact. Choosing them helps to conserve the world's nonrenewable resources and minimizes the significant ecological impact that results from extracting, processing and transporting raw materials from their place of origin to their point of use.

Examples of Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Some of the most commonly implemented green building materials include:

  • Metal roofing. The advantages of metal roofing, from an environmental standpoint, include low maintenance and long life, which reduces waste. Metal roofing products also help you optimize your ability to maintain indoor climate control while using less energy.
  • Sustainable lumber. Some forward-thinking companies in the logging industry have introduced measures to ensure that forestry products are drawn from sustainable, smartly managed resources. Supporting these ventures ensures you don't contribute to deforestation, endangerment of wildlife and illegal or questionable logging practices.
  • Energy-efficient glass. Inefficient windows are the number one cause of home energy wastage. Installing energy-efficient glass helps you save money on your heating and cooling bills while diminishing your carbon footprint.
  • Quality insulation. Insulation made from environmentally friendly compounds like soybean oil and recycled plastic go a long way toward improving your home's ability to use energy intelligently.

You can also incorporate high-quality used building materials into home construction and renovations. This is a great way to lower costs while doing Mother Nature a favor.

More Energy Efficient Products for Your Home

In addition to building materials, there are many other measures the ecologically aware homeowner can implement to help build a greener tomorrow. Choosing energy-efficient home appliances and plumbing systems that recycle water will help you reduce your consumption of resources.

Whether you're building a new home or renovating your current one, there are many things you can do to reduce your environmental impact. Save money and help preserve the health of the planet by choosing green building products whenever possible.

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