Bamboo Flooring

Sustainable bamboo hardwood flooring

Drawn from self-replenishing, sustainable resources, bamboo flooring is a very attractive option for residential applications. The bamboo hardwood flooring manufactured for the North American market is typically made by cutting the fully-grown poles of bamboo trees into long strips or planks, then processing the wood to get rid of excess starch (which preserves the life of the bamboo flooring).

Bamboo wood flooring earns high praise from ecologically conscious builders because the plant itself naturally regenerates extremely quickly. The roots of the bamboo plant are not affected by the harvesting process, allowing it to continually replenish itself over and over again. Along with cork flooring, it is considered one of the greenest flooring materials on the market.

Benefits of Bamboo Wood Flooring

Beyond its environmental benefits, bamboo flooring also offers many other attractive characteristics. It is extremely durable and has superior strength compared to most other hardwood flooring products. As easy on the legs as it is on the eyes, bamboo wood flooring is also very easy to clean, requiring little more than regular sweeping and the occasional mopping.

Bamboo flooring also has natural insect-repelling properties and excellent humidity and moisture resistance. However, it is essential that you take care when sourcing your new bamboo flooring, as there is significant variation in quality among the products on the market and you'll want to make sure you invest in a higher-end product.

Sourcing Bamboo Flooring Suppliers

The rule of thumb when it comes to bamboo flooring is that you get what you pay for. While you may seem like you're saving money on discount bamboo flooring, you've got to be very careful about choosing your supplier because the market is saturated with inferior bamboos that masquerade as premium-quality products. Look for companies that offer certifications and guarantees. The more you're willing to pay for your bamboo hardwood flooring, the better the end quality will be.

Bamboo flooring installation can be tricky, so unless you're very confident in your handyman skills, it may be better to leave this to a professional. Minor mistakes can have a major impact, so protecting your investment by having a pro install your bamboo flooring simply makes good financial sense in the long run.

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