Sustainable Lumber

Choose environmentally friendly sustainable wood

The sustainable lumber movement arose in response to an increasing consumer awareness of questionable practices used by many companies in the mainstream logging industry. The production methods used by these businesses aim to maximize output to the greatest possible degree, with little regard for the impact of industry practices on local wildlife and forest sustainability.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the best-known and most visible organization dedicated to implementing more responsible logging and wood production practices. Certified sustainable wood (also known as FSC lumber) is timber that has been extracted from a sustainable forest using ecologically conscious production methods.

What Are Sustainable Forests?

For many years, the logging industry had no regard for the natural balance of the forests from which they extracted lumber. The wildlife that depended on the forest ecosystem was left with severely depleted resources, often resulting in widespread endangerment and death. Little attention was paid to replacing the trees that were harvested.

Sustainable forests are overseen by organizations like the FSC, which are dedicated to preserving their biological and ecological diversity as well as their ability to regenerate themselves. The sustainable forestry industry aims to minimize the impact of its activities on neighboring ecosystems, and is highly conscious of the socio-economic impact of its production methods on nearby communities.

Home Building Products Made from Sustainable Wood

Engineered lumber is used not only for home frames and exteriors, but also in furniture, window and door frames, trim and finishing, and many other functional and decorative products. You can also get flooring made from sustainable lumber, or choose products like cork flooring and bamboo flooring that are inherently more sustainable and regenerative than other, more traditional alternatives.

While engineered lumber tends to be more expensive than its mass-harvested alternatives, the benefits of using it go beyond just having a clearer conscience. Investing in certified sustainable wood can have a strong positive impact on the value of your home and make it more attractive on the real estate market, especially since more people are trying to make more responsible choices. Some home builders and contractors are now using sustainable lumber almost exclusively, responding to the needs and demands of a growing market of ecologically conscious consumers.

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