Organic Beauty Products

Are organic cosmetics better for your skin?

The products you use on your body are as important as those you take in, so if you've committed to an organic diet, you'll want to consider converting your beauty routine, as well. The synthetic perfumes, chemical coloring and lofty claims that you find in conventional beauty products can easily blind you to their true nature, one that is not so sweet and pure. Organic beauty products are not only gentle on your body and the environment, they're also an integral part of a healthy lifestyle—what you apply to your hair, nails and skin will directly affect the rest of your body, including your immunity, organ systems and hormones. Improve your life and your environment with organic makeup, hair and skin products.

About Organic and Natural Beauty Products

It can be difficult to tell whether a product is indeed as natural as it claims to be, as there are few labeling requirements and they're rather vague. In some cases, a product with only a few organic ingredients will market itself as "organic," while another handmade product may prefer to refer to itself as "natural" or "green." Ultimately, the only way to find an organic soap, perfume or cream is to look at the label—and understand what it's telling you.

Most commercial beauty products are laced with a number of harsh chemicals that act as emulsifiers, preservatives, color enhancers or cleansers that can leave your skin irritated or damaged. In fact, some of these chemicals are known to cause cancer and hormonal imbalances—certainly not what you bargained for when you made your purchase. Alternatively, organic hair care and skin care formulas contain plant-derived ingredients, natural oils and natural fragrances to clean and soothe without the negative effects.

Great Organic Beauty Brands

There are many different organic beauty brands that specialize in a particular product, such as organic skin care or organic cosmetics, and each has its leading brands. The best brands will clearly label their ingredients and proudly assert their values. An eco-conscious commitment should include everything from using recycled and recyclable packaging to good farming practices, so take your time to find out how the company operates before you make your purchase.

In some cases, an organic alternative simply does not exist. Take nail polish, which relies on plastic polymers to bind the color to the nail. Even if a brand substitutes natural ingredients for other chemicals, the bottom line is that you won't be able to find organic nail polish as long as the same binding method is used. On the other hand, you can find "safer" brands that don't include toluene, formaldehyde or dibutyl phthalate, which will be significantly better for your skin and nails. While organic beauty products have come a long way, if you cannot find an organic version of a particular item, look for small ingredient lists and know the most harmful chemicals to avoid in a given product.

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