Organic Perfume

Why choose natural perfume?

Aroma can have a huge effect on the body and mind—it's a key aspect of food, plants and everything else you choose for your body and your environment. Fragrance also plays a big role in beauty products; in fact, it's often the quality that sways a decision, and can turn a mediocre product into a cherished potion. The fragrances that appeal to you will lift your mood, and those that you wear become a part of who you are. Learn why natural perfume is the better choice and what to look for in an organic aromatherapy oil that will leave you smelling lovely and feeling healthy.

What is Organic Perfume?

A perfume, cologne or body spray can be your signature, a pick-me-up or the final touch to the perfect evening outfit on a special occasion. However, there is a darker side to perfumes and colognes—the chemicals that combine to create that lasting scent can also do a lot of harm to your skin and even cause disease. Luckily, you don't have to compromise your health, or your eco-conscious principles, for a nice smell if you choose certified organic perfume over synthetic versions.

You'll likely run into a lot of wording that leads you to believe a product is more pure and healthy than it really is. "Organic," "natural" and "green" are plastered across so many labels these days, it can be hard to tell apart the natural from the synthetic. The easiest way to determine a synthetic perfume is to look for that ominous list of hard-to-pronounce chemicals on the back.

Instead of taking its fragrance from chemicals like phthalate combined with a hodgepodge of plant-inspired ingredients, certified organic perfume upholds the same agricultural standards as organic produce and uses organically-grown flowers, herbs and fruit as the base of the scent without any harmful chemicals. Not only is this organic formula much better for your porous skin, it's much healthier for the environment.

Choosing an Organic Perfume Oil

In a truly natural perfume, organic essential oils will form the base of the fragrance; the only other ingredients you'll find are water and organic grain alcohol. The right scent for you should of course appeal to your specific tastes, but also consider why and when you wear your perfume. Different essential oils can affect your mind and mood in different ways, so you may want to choose a scent that can help you to relax, focus, wake up or simply pick up your spirits, depending on when and where you wear it.

Finding the right scent is important, but so is being able to wear it comfortably and confidently. Check the label closely for statements concerning the production of the perfume: does it plainly state that it was not tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients? While a product can be organic and natural without being vegetarian or vegan, a compassionate world view often goes hand-in-hand with an organic commitment when it comes to beauty products. The best perfume for you will mesh with your values as well as your sense of smell.

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