Organic Clothing

An introduction to organic clothes

The organic movement has gained popularity and importance in recent years as more people have put the health of their family and the environment before their thirst for bargains. You may have joined the ranks of organic eaters, which is a crucial step toward a healthier planet, but have you considered how the clothes you wear affect the world around you? While most shoppers pay attention to the material of the garment, many have not given much thought to where it comes from, how it's grown and what it takes to get it onto the rack. Learn why organic clothes are the better choice and what materials will best suit your family and lifestyle.

Why Buy Organic Clothing?

Chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers are used on all kinds of agricultural products that make their way into your house, not only on the plants you eat. The fabric that covers your furnishings, floor and especially your body may have been grown with the help of harsh chemicals that can affect you and the environment. From allergic reaction and skin irritation to pollution, environmental destruction and unfair working conditions, there are many reasons to opt for organic T-shirts instead of settling for those cheap cotton T-shirts.

Organic farming and production is not only good for you and the earth, it's also good for the producers themselves. Closely related to the organic movement is the fair trade movement, a trend that is particularly prominent in the organic jewelry industry and ensures that profits are divided in a fair and just manner. The fair wages that go to these producers help improve their community and lifestyle, and preserve environmentally sound techniques.

The Best Organic Fabric for You

Cotton makes up a huge percentage of the fabric worn by people all over the world, but did you know that it also accounts for some of the most unsavory agricultural practices? The pesticides used on cotton are harsh and cannot be eliminated through processing. The huge amounts used can seep into the land and water, which combines with poor farming practices to cause long-term damage to the environment. Moreover, these chemicals can weaken the fabric considerably, leaving you with a low-quality product that will wear out quickly. For these reasons, organic cotton is your best choice for clothing, especially organic baby clothes.

Although organic cotton is quickly becoming a popular choice for adults and children alike, other fibers offer some fantastic eco-friendly qualities, too. Hemp clothing, for instance, is made from a quickly and easily grown plant that is incredibly durable, yet can be as soft and light as linen. If you have trouble locating an organic clothing boutique in your area, browse the multitude of designers and retailers online to find a wardrobe that will fit your values, style and budget.

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