Organic Baby Clothes

The benefits of organic baby clothing

Concern over chemicals, pesticides and synthetic toxins in food and other products is on the rise, and so is the demand for organic baby clothing. Conventionally grown cotton is typically laced with some of the harshest pesticides out there, and cheap plastics bring fears of toxicity and illness. In turn, many people have decided that the safer and smarter way to outfit their little ones is with organic baby socks, hats, bibs and other pieces that will keep them warm, comfortable and safe from unwelcome chemicals. Learn what organic baby clothing has to offer and which articles make great baby gifts.

Why You Should Consider Organic Baby Clothes

The main advantage of organic baby clothing is the purity of the material. Grown and processed without harmful chemicals, organic material will stand up to laundering much better than conventionally produced fabric and won't expose your child to frightening toxins. Keep in mind that a baby's skin is much more porous and sensitive than an adult's, and any chemicals or irritants carried by the fabric can seep into their thin skin and cause discomfort.

If your concerns about pesticide use have led you to buy organic baby food, you'll also want to consider the environmental consequences of the clothing you choose. The drawbacks to conventionally grown cotton are startling: More than 25 percent of the world's pesticides are used on cotton plants, and one pound of these chemicals is used for every pair of cotton pants and shirt that are made. Added to this, working conditions are often terrible, and farming techniques ignore the health of the land.

By choosing organic baby hats, bibs and other organic cotton clothing, you'll protect your baby as well as the environment.

Best Organic Baby Gifts

One wonderfully useful piece to give is an organic receiving blanket—not only will a new mom need one close by all the time, but it should be as safe as it is soft since it will sit against the baby's skin. Look for a thicker version, perhaps with a different texture on each side for ultimate comfort and warmth. An organic baby sling is another great choice, and the versatility of this wrapping cloth is fun and convenient.

Bibs are one of the most practical gifts. New mothers depend on them at each meal, and using organic baby bibs ensures that no toxins, harsh bleaches or other chemicals will get into the baby's mouth along with their food. In fact, it's important to consider everything that a baby will likely bring to their lips; stuffed toys, blankets and even socks made with organic cotton, wool or other organic fabric are your best choices.

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