Organic Jewelry

Why you should choose fair trade jewelry

From organic material to fair trade gemstones, today's trend in jewelry rests on innovation and respect. Gems and precious metals are as stylish, elegant and popular as ever, though the nature and consequences of jewelry production play a much larger role in consumer choice these days. As more people have begun to vote with their pocketbooks, conventional jewelers are meeting with some stiff competition from fair trade companies and eco-savvy designers, who take into consideration the working conditions, the treatment process and the environmental effects that are involved in making their jewelry. Explore the growing selection of jewelry that combines beauty with peace of mind.

What Makes Fair Trade Jewelry Fair

Ultimately, fair trade jewelry benefits the workers at the foundation of the chain, who often live in very poor conditions. The profits from your fair trade piece won't dissolve somewhere in the middle of the supply chain; they will trickle down to the miners, processors and designers, helping them to sustain themselves and improve their communities. And as is the case with fair trade organic coffee and tea, fair trade jewelry often incorporates responsible practices and eco-conscious techniques that lead to a healthier planet.

Sustainable, Organic and Natural Jewelry

The term organic is often used more generally in jewelry than in organic food, clothing or gardening. Natural or organic jewelry uses materials that come from a natural or organic source like wood, bone, stone or horn rather than a certified organically grown source. Many online companies specializing in organic body jewelry offer a range of products for body piercings as well as some more conventional pieces like organic necklaces and organic earrings. The primary benefits that come with organic jewelry are breathability and less chance of an allergic reaction.

Sustainable jewelry is a bit different from organic jewelry—it's made of natural materials that are not only untreated, but also sourced from sustainable resources and with sustainable practices. For instance, natural gemstones are technically not sustainable products; they cannot be re-grown, and mining for the stones is typically very damaging to the land. On the other hand, sustainable mining practices and socially responsible attitudes can help a company earn a designation as sustainable.

Despite a gem or gold miner's attention to eco-friendly values, the most sustainable jewelry will be made from recycled, reused or lab-created material. More and more designers have committed to using recycled gold, man-made diamonds and even discarded materials to make unique and inspired pieces; the impressive selection of jewelry and designers online ensures that you'll find the natural, organic or fair trade piece that you're looking for.

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