Organic Purses

Stylish and hip organic handbags

If you want to make a statement, one that exudes a fresh eco-conscious attitude as well as your own unique style, look into the variety of organic, natural and recycled purses that are made all over the nation by extraordinary creative talents. From chopstick handbags to surprisingly elegant hemp purses, you're sure to find a design that suits you, and the heartwarming stories and inspiration behind these bags are welcome bonuses. Learn why organic handbags are better choices, what types are available and where to look for trendy organic, recycled and fair trade purses.

Types of Organic Purses

The green clothing movement involves several important eco-friendly ideas, and handbags are no exception. If you're interested in a natural handbag that's untreated and made of organic material, you can go with organic cotton or wool, dried reeds or even a piece made from animal hide—all would be considered types of natural purses. In the case of organic handbags, the material is the primary concern: like organic produce, it must be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and processed in a similar way.

While not organic by definition, the fair trade movement is gaining strength as an eco-friendly and socially responsible choice for clothing and accessories. In fact, many organic clothing or textile companies are also fair trade, which means that the designers and creators are paid a fair wage for their organic product. Both are fantastic movements for the health the earth, but the most environmentally friendly handbag is likely the recycled purse, made out of everything from candy wrappers to soda cans to car seat belts to—well, almost anything you can think of. Their handcrafted sturdiness will see you through your daily routine, and the mix of recycled materials in each piece guarantees a unique bag.

Where to Find Natural and Recycled Purses

You'll find all kinds of eco-friendly handbags in stores and boutiques, but the greatest selection will be online, where many designers have developed their own retail websites instead of setting up in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Check out comments and claims on websites, and browse around to find a designer that's in line with your values and level of organic commitment. If you're looking for a fair trade purse, look closely—the fair trade symbol is often reserved for food products and companies that meet a minimum sales figure, so you'll need to dig a bit deeper to determine whether or not the bag falls under the fair trade label.

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