Organic Meat

Why buy organic meat?

Many people have made the switch to organic vegetables, realizing that the harmful pesticides, chemicals and often unethical practices associated with commercial farming just won't cut it anymore. But while organic produce is a fantastic step toward better health, have you thought about the meat that you're eating? The negative effects of growth hormones, antibiotics and packed pastures can find their way to your dinner table through the meat you serve. The best way to avoid unwanted byproducts, and a terrible strain on the environment, is to buy organic meat for you and your family.

How Organic Meat Is Different

More than pesticide-free and hormone-free, organic beef, fish and poultry have been fed organic ingredients from the outset and are managed according to strict and careful pasture practices. Parasites, illness and malnutrition are some of the common health risks for animals, and while chemicals and antibiotics can ward off these threats, they'll leave you with unwelcome residues that affect health and taste. Instead, the organic farmer must invest considerable energy, effort and money to keep their land and animals healthy the natural way.

Take organic chicken or organic turkey, for instance. Caged birds that are fed poor-quality grain and see little sunlight will not only live their lives in squalid conditions, they'll also taste significantly worse than those that are allowed to run free and feed on a natural diet of worms, grubs and fresh grasses. Raising organic poultry and other organic animals requires a well-maintained and fenced-in pasture, good irrigation system and an adequate supply of feed that was grown using organic fertilizer.

Where to Find Organic Meat

Since a farm must meet exceptionally strict guidelines to be certified organic, some organic meats can be difficult to find. However, if you know where to look for various products, you can reap the rewards of supremely natural, nutritious and delicious meat. A short ride into the surrounding countryside may bring you to a local organic farm, but that is not always a convenient or successful approach. Instead, you may want to look online for an organic retailer that will deliver to your area. In the case of fish, like organic tuna, keep in mind that anything caught in the ocean cannot possibly be certified organic, as there is no way to control the toxins they build up in their tissues; instead, look for organic farmed fish.

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