Organic Produce

The health benefits of fresh organic produce

Organic produce is gaining a strong following as people begin to pay more attention to their health and the environment. But what makes a piece of food organic, anyway? Essentially, organic farming uses natural forces in place of the many artificial concoctions that produce higher yields at a greater health cost; careful, chemical-free farming practices lead to naturally tasty food with far fewer negative consequences for the body and the earth. Find out how to make the switch to organic vegetables, fruits and herbs for the well-being of your family and your planet.

Why Choose Organic Produce?

In many ways, eating organic is your path to better health. Recent studies have shown that there are many benefits to consuming organic fruits and vegetables instead of conventionally grown produce, from the lower harmful residues that come with organic pest control to increased measures of vitamins and minerals.

These low levels of chemicals and high levels of nutrients amount to healthier and stronger bodies that can better resist illness, but organic agriculture is just as good for the land itself. Without the excess of pesticides, chemical additives and synthetic fertilizers, the soil and groundwater are better protected from harmful runoff and can therefore contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

Buying Fresh Organic Produce

Organic produce is not confined to specialty stores anymore—you can find decent organic departments in major grocery stores, local farms and online, although the selection may be limited in some seasons. Since yields are generally smaller for organic farms, you'll find that the prices of organic herbs, fruits and vegetables can be a bit higher than the non-organic versions; look for products that are in season in your area, which will cost less and likely taste fresher.

A more practical solution to organic shopping may be to have a company do the legwork for you. To greatly reduce the time and effort it takes to shop for your organic produce, you can use an organic produce delivery service that will drop off the food you want, right at your door. If you decide to go this route, be sure that the service has a solid reputation and is able to work with your schedule. Browse through some websites for services that gather locally produced items and deliver to your area on a regular basis. Once you find the right service for you, just sit back and wait for the freshest and healthiest produce to come to you.

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