Organic Tea

The different types of organic tea

Bursting with health benefits and comforting aromas, tea long ago secured its place as one of the most beloved beverages in the world. But as today's consumers become more concerned with environmental impact, organic tea is quickly gaining popularity as a healthier and more responsible alternative to conventionally grown brands.

From organic black tea to organic honey, you'll find that there is no shortage of organic products you can use to make a cup of tea. Find out why organic tea is a good choice, the types of teas available and what you can expect when purchasing your organic herbal, black or green tea.

Regulations for Organic Tea

Organic has become a favored term, and you can find everything from organic beauty products to organic pet food. But what exactly makes tea organic, and what's to stop brands from taking advantage of the term by falsely affixing the organic label?

To begin, no chemical pesticides or fertilizers can be used if a tea is to be truly organic. The soil is enriched with natural compost and mulch, feeding the plants thoroughly and naturally. Ultimately, the absence of chemicals makes for a superior-tasting tea with more antioxidants, nutrients and polyphenols to boost your overall health. Of course, the concentration of nutrients will vary according to the specific type of tea—organic green tea is known for its impressively high level of antioxidants, while various types of organic herbal tea and black tea boast therapeutic properties, leaving you feeling relaxed or energized, for example.

There are several government and international agencies, like the USDA and IFOAM, that enforce strict guidelines on organic products; their seals of approval guarantee a truly organic tea. You'll also likely notice the superior aroma and taste immediately, which should convince you of the organic nature of your tea.

Choosing Organic Tea

As is the case with organic coffee, organic tea is often a bit more expensive than other brands. However, the form of the product can determine the price—between organic tea bags and loose tea, you may find that some retailers offer an attractive discount for the latter when you buy in bulk. Plus, the excess packaging of tea bags means more waste, which tends to go against the environmental concern that's at the center of organic tea. Check out the wide variety of organic tea retailers online for an impressive selection of teas and accessories that will appease your taste buds and your conscience.

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