Organic Vitamins

The benefits of natural, organic vitamins

For many busy people, eating right all the time is nearly impossible; supplements are needed to ensure good health, energy and well-being. From vitamin A to zinc, different diets and lifestyles demand different types and amounts of supplements, and there is a wide range of brands to choose from. However, not all vitamins are created equal—the sources of vitamins and minerals are just as important as the quantities you take. For this reason, natural, organic vitamins have become a popular choice for health-conscious individuals, as they have many appealing qualities that can't be found in synthetic supplements.

Why Choose Organic Vitamins?

Vitamins fall into two main designations—natural and synthetic. While natural vitamin supplements contain all of the micronutrients that are necessary for the vitamin's absorption, synthetic vitamins are composed from chemical compounds that lack these vital micronutrients. More natural vitamin brands are popping up all the time as more people become aware of the drawbacks associated with synthetically produced compounds, but there is another level of quality to be considered.

Organic minerals and vitamins are not only made up of harvested crops that work well with your body's processes, they are also in a pure, whole and natural form. The whole foods that compose the vitamins are organically grown, which prevents any unwanted chemicals from making their way into your body. A truly organic vitamin brand will not use solvents or other artificial methods to extract the vitamins and minerals—and the label or bottle should proudly state this fact.

Where to Buy Organic Supplements

When it comes to vitamins, the descriptive terms won't tell you much about their source or their ultimate effect. While natural and organic on something like an organic baby food label carries significant meaning, it's not so straightforward with supplements. If you spot high concentration or high potency on the label, there is a good chance that the vitamin is synthetic. And beware that even if a vitamin or mineral comes from an organic source, the alteration it undergoes in a lab will counter its positive effects.

Look into health food stores and online for organic liquid vitamins that contain nutrients in their whole form, such as plant-based formulas with the phytonutrients that your body needs. Essentially, the mineral, liquid and herbal vitamins you take should consist entirely of organic whole-food complexes if you want to boost your health and avoid the negative side effects that come with synthetically produced products.

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