Solar Pool Covers

Your guide to solar heating pool covers

Solar pool covers are heralded as the most cost-effective and inexpensive way to reduce the amount of money you spend heating and maintaining your pool. They sharply reduce the amount of heat that escapes your pool and help you minimize the amount of water you lose through evaporation. Solar blankets also help you use fewer chemicals to keep your pool clean, as they prevent the introduction of contaminants.

You will optimize your cost savings if you combine solar blankets with solar pool heaters, but ultimately, these covers can be used no matter what type of heating system you have in place. Solar pool blankets use advanced technologies to conserve energy, drawing on the clean and sustainable power provided by the sun.

How Solar Heating Pool Covers Work

Solar blankets differ from conventional pool covers in that they have an advanced ability to absorb sunlight, which facilitates a deeper and more penetrative diffusion of light and the increases thermal effectiveness of sunshine. This warmth is then spread to the water while preventing evaporation. Since evaporation can account for almost 75 percent of your pool water's heat loss, solar pool covers create an extremely effective preventative barrier.

The benefits of using solar pool blankets include reducing your usage of replacement pool water (due to diminished evaporation) by as much as 50 percent. Your actual water savings will depend on the climate in which you live; evaporation slows down during hot and humid weather, and increases during dry and windy weather. You'll also use up to 60 percent less water treatments and pool chemicals, since your water will stay cleaner for longer, and you will spend far less time fishing debris out of the water.

Types of Solar Blankets

Above-ground solar pool covers are available in standard shapes and sizes, including ovals, rectangles and circles. You can also have them custom-made to fit your pool's unique dimensions if you have an unusually shaped above-ground pool or a uniquely formed in-ground pool.

You'll need to combine your new solar blanket with solar pool cover reels to make it safe and easy to retract the cover when you want to go swimming. A good reel protects your investment by ensuring you don't snag, rip or tear your solar pool cover as you roll it up.

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