Solar Rebates

How to collect solar power rebates

Using clean, safe and sustainable renewable resources for our energy needs is essential to protecting the planet's future. While many alternatives to electrical grids and nonrenewable natural gas exist, the problem is that they are financially out of reach for many homeowners. To encourage people to take better advantage of cleaner energies, many federal, state and provincial governments are now offering tax incentives to people who choose eco-friendly energy sources. Solar rebates may be available to you if you want to use the sun's power for your home energy needs.

Solar power rebates take many forms. In some cases, you can be reimbursed directly for costs that qualify under your rebate program, or you may be offered solar tax rebates that you can cash in when you file your annual tax return.

Solar Government Rebates in North America

The United States government offers solar federal rebates to consumers who install sun-powered home energy systems. Federal U.S. solar panel rebates can be applied to systems installed from 2009 onward, and the program has thus far been very successful in encouraging more people to use solar lighting and solar heating. Moreover, many states offer installation rebates on solar systems, some of which reimburse homeowners to the tune of more than $25,000. In some places, you can apply both federal and state solar rebates, effectively paying for the entire cost of the system. Rules and regulations vary from state to state, so be sure to seek local information from your state government or residential solar power companies.

In Canada, solar tax rebates are more restricted, though they are moving towards wider implementation. However, because the country's solar panel manufacturing infrastructure is limited (due largely to its northern location and relatively cloudy climate), most current environmentally friendly energy rebates apply to technologies like wind energy and geothermal energy.

Solar rebate programs are intended to help more people take advantage of greener energy sources. If you're considering switching to more sustainable power, be sure to look into what's available to residents of your area and take full advantage of these helpful incentives.

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