Solar Water Pumps

How solar powered water pumps work

If you need to pump water in a location that's off the power grid and you don't have the ability to harness gravity feeds, solar water pumps provide a convenient, powerful and environmentally friendly solution. Solar powered water pumps are specially designed to be extremely energy-efficient, making them ideal for applications in which you need to carefully monitor your power usage due to a limited supply.

There are two major types of solar-powered water pumps: pressurized pumps and submersible pumps. The one that's right for you will depend on your intended application.

Pressurized vs. Submersible Solar Water Pumps

Pressurized solar water pumps, also known as booster pumps, are used in applications that require the water to be pressurized, such as drinking water. These solar well pumps are ideal for moving surface water or shallow pond or well water over a relatively short distance. Systems generally include a pressure switch or gauge, a battery power source and a water storage tank as well as the actual booster pump itself.

Submersible solar water pumps can, as their name suggests, be used underground. If you need a higher maximum flow rate, these solar pond pumps or well pumps make a better choice. They are perfect for low-lift and medium-lift wells.

Uses of Solar Powered Water Pumps

First, you should closely consider the weather and climate conditions at the site of application. If the area gets more wind than sunshine, wind powered water pumps may be a better option.

Solar water pumps can be used in a variety of agricultural, industrial, residential and recreational settings. They can be used for irrigation, for pond and stream protection, pipeline water transfer and to pump water out of deep wells when gravity feeds aren't available or use too much power for the limited resources available. De-icing, water circulation and aeration are other common industrial applications.

Solar water fountains can also be used to supply rural homes and villages with potable water. For convenience and safety, solar fountain pumps can also be used to create a drinking water supply at remote cabins and campsites.

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