Wind Powered Generators

A guide to wind powered home generators

Right now, wind energy is primarily used in residential settings as a supplementary or secondary source of power. Homes and small businesses can use wind powered generators not only to lower their energy costs, but also to make use of a cleaner and more environmentally responsible electricity source. Wind energy is 100 percent renewable and sustainable, and using it to make electricity does not emit any greenhouse gases.

The use of wind powered electrical generators for homes and small businesses has become increasingly feasible in recent years thanks to technological improvements. If you're thinking about installing small wind powered generators at your home or business, it's important that you consider the advantages as well as the drawbacks to ensure you're making the right choice.

The Pros and Cons of Wind Powered Home Generators

There are two primary advantages to using home wind generators: cost savings, and reduced environmental impact. Conventional electricity production requires the consumption of fossil fuels, which release harmful toxins into the atmosphere; wind power generation does not. Using wind powered generators to create electricity is also very inexpensive, once you have invested in the equipment and infrastructure you need to establish and maintain the system.

However, there are disadvantages which must be factored into the equation. While using wind power isn't as cost prohibitive as installing solar panels, it does come with a significant upfront price tag, and it will take you a considerable amount of time to recoup your investment in the form of energy savings. Also, home wind generators can only be used if you live in an area that gets enough wind exposure. Not only must the wind be strong enough—an average annual wind speed of 10 miles per hour is the current standard—but it also must not be blocked by tall buildings or natural barriers.

Generally speaking, wind powered home generators make the most sense if you live in a remote area that sees plenty of wind and you are currently reliant on electricity that must be delivered from a distant grid. However, if you're able to afford the investment and local weather conditions allow for it, home wind generator technology is there for anyone to use.

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