Wind Powered Water Pumps

The ins and outs of wind powered water pumps

Because the wind is a renewable, sustainable and pollution-free source of energy, more and more people are paying attention to its full range of applicability. Wind powered water pumps are a good example of how wind energy technology can be put to intelligent use.

Wind energy water pumps come in a range of configurations, each of which is intended for very specific applications. If you are thinking about installing wind powered water pumps at your home or business, it's vital that you have a working understanding of the different wind water pump technologies and applications in order to select the right system for your needs.

Types of Wind Powered Water Pumps

Wind powered water pumps can be categorized according to the site of application, or the specific pumping mechanism they use. In other words, products may be classified as wind powered pond pumps or wind powered well pumps, for example, or they may be referred to by the mechanical means used to lift water. There are several different types of wind powered water pumping systems; the most common types are piston pumps, air lift pumps and electrical pumps.

Wind powered piston pumps use wind energy to create vertical movement in a rod-and-piston combination, which can be used to lift water from a low point to a higher point. Air lift water pumps use wind power to fuel an air compressor, which in turn moves the water. Finally, electrical wind powered water pumps convert wind energy into electricity, which is used to power the pump or, alternately, to charge a battery which powers the pump.

You can also get wind powered water wheels which are horizontally oriented and provide vertical lift as well as windmill water pumps which use the familiar turbine action of rotating arms to power the system.

The Cost of Wind Powered Water Pumps

A with solar water pumps, costs depend largely on the pumping capacity of the system. The faster a system can pump water, the higher its price. In general, you'll find that wind powered water pumps are more expensive than more conventional alternatives, but over time, you can save money through reductions on your energy expenses.

At the low end, systems will pump between 10 and 15 gallons per minute; at the high end, systems have capacities of 300 gallons per minute or more. Simple systems cost a few thousand dollars, while complex and powerful systems can cost as much as $20,000 or more.

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